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Our Services

When extraordinary is simply.. ordinary


Beyond imagination

Our Service is what defines us as the preferred caterer to some of the world's most prestigious fleets, including: Fortune 50 corporations, leading fractual ownership, sports team charters, diplomats, and royalty, to name a few.

Service beyond imagination.


Beyond reproach

When only the best will do is a mantra we operate and believe in, without hesitation. We expect nothing but the best and highest grades of meat, flawless produce, most fragrant spices, and of course, access to the world's finest wines.

Mission accomplished.


Classic yet Innovative

From mac and cheese to golden flakes, our Chefs are highly skilled and have spent years honing their culinary artistry. They believe presentation is just as important as taste, and have mastered the art of knowing their audience and their craft.

The impossible is possible.


When the impression is everything

We are not the cheapest inflight caterer on the block. Our expectations are high, but our discerning clientele expectations are even higher.

From salmon shipped overnight from Alaska to one of our concierge team members boarding a plane and heading to Kansas City for a specific BBQ.

We are the Consummate Inflight Caterer.


Advanced technology

We have based our entire operation around our technology. Each of our clients have access to a custom portal with updates in real time to every piece of information imaginable.

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